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MESCA's Volume Desk

Do you have large LTL shipments?

"Chunky" or Volume LTL is a term that describes shipments that are large enough to incure the costly cubic capacity penalities used by traditional LTL carriers. These penalties will often negate or reduce normal LTL discount pricing.

MESCA Clients who have established pricing may save an additional 30% or more beyond their already discounted LTL rate by utilizing the MESCA Volume Desk!

If your shipment meets or exceeds one of the following parameters, please call for your "Chunky" LTL rate comparison.

Consider the MESCA Volume Desk as another great,  easy-to-use tool

Simply provide the following information:

  1. Origin and destination zip codes
  2. Pallet count, stackable? (Y/N)
  3. Pallet dimensions
  4. Freight class and/or description of commodity
  5. Total weight
  6. Declared value

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