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About MESCA Freight Services

Founded in 1977 as Merchant Shippers Co-Operative Association, MESCA has grown to over 8,000 clients strong, offering a full range of supply chain-related services for businesses large and small in every region of the country.

Think of Us as Your Transportation and Logistics Department Without the Costs.

A forklift picking up shipment boxes in a freight warehouseAllocating resources properly in today’s business climate is more critical than ever. Business owners and executives have been able to count on MESCA Freight Services to provide the process and network for successful and cost effective transportation management since 1979. Our clients may safely concentrate precious resources on their core business and utilize the MESCA model to assure an efficient and cost effective supply chain. MESCA’s transportation professionals become co-workers with our client’s logistics team.

All MESCA clients, regardless of their size, get 'big business' transportation savings and results by using our financially secure LTL carriers and other member services.

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