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MESCA's Shipment Claims Management Service

EZClaim LogoMESCA Freight Services is proud to announce an association with myEZClaim.com. This Web-Based application gives you access to real-time claim information and management reports from a centralized database on reported customer shipment shortages, carrier delivery exceptions, cargo theft and product damages.

MyEZClaim.com delivers innovative freight claim management utilizing the power and speed of the Internet to bring connectivity to the shipper and consignee community, matching technology with a new claims process tailored toward the Internet.

MyEZClaim screenshotEZ-Claim™‚ is a powerful loss and damage freight claim management application. This powerful 32 bit Windows® based software package optimizes claims processing and management reporting for many consumer, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industries just to name a few, by improving your control over information, reducing claims processing costs, and bringing new efficiency to your claims processing department.

Features that keep your staff focused and on track:

Operate with Better Information:

Because availability of claim information is critical to effective management and recovery the claims data is stored in a relational database. The information gathered can help you see emerging trends on poorly operating carriers, allowing you to take appropriate action quickly. The system also provides a complete history of all claim transactions electronically so information can be updated when carrier correspondences are received.

Fast and Easy Operation:

Easy-Claims is a comprehensive system that organizes required shipment information, creates a new claim, records payment, compromised or disallowed information, generates reminder letters based on the status of the claim and management reporting to bring new efficiency to your department.

Management Reports:

In the executive information system, we have assembled some of the best principals, project tools, databases and graphic collections for management to use on a “as needed” basis. EZ-Claims supports detailed graphs and preformatted reports to better analyze your carrier, claim and product deliveries. Some of the reports include accounts receivables, detailed reports of claims filed, recovered, cash receipts, claims by shipping location and many others.

How the E Z-Claim system can help lower costs and save time: