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Freight Post-Audit

Know what you're really paying for freight. And how much you could be saving.

MESCA/Baystate Logistics' Freight Post-Audit Services offer you an affordable, accurate way to reduce your freight costs, explore carrier alternatives and improve your overall freight procurement process. Our expert freight data analysis will benefit your business with:

Best of all, there is no out-of-pocket cost. we only charge a 50% commission on amounts recovered from your carriers///and if we do not find or recover any overcharge amounts, there's no charge to you at all!

Why You Need It

Every time you hire a carrier to haul your freight, there's a chance for mistakes. Even if you're a small company, you'll be surprised at how much money we may be able to recover.

Would you know if you were billed the wrong rates, discounts or charges? Our experienced auditors find what untrained eyes may miss; while most common errors can usually be detected, there are often more hidden mistakes that may be costing you substantial amounts of money. these include:

How Does the Freight Post-Audit Work ?

Your freight invoices are audited by MESCA's staff of experts to ensure proper and accurate pricing has been applied. We look at total tonnage, average weight per shipment and average density per shipment (when the correct density is noted on the Bill of Lading, additional savings are possible).

To perform the audit, we will need your paid freight bills for the last six months as well as any contracts, tariff or pricing agreements. When the audit is completed, we will return your freight bills and provide a complete list of all recovery claims filed, including carrier information and claim amounts.

Ready to Start Saving on Freight costs?

To find out more and arrange an initial interview, call 978-514-5100 ext. 10.

Send freight bills and other documentation for Post-Audit to:
MESCA/Bay State Logistics
192 Merriam Ave., 2nd Floor
Leominster, MA 01453