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Freight Bill Audit Program

Through Beech Hill Enterprises - a division of MESCA Freight Services

Beech Hill Enterprises will extend low cost flexibility, efficiency and accuracy to your freight management program. As your outsourced solution, we become an extension to your Traffic and Accounting functions, providing a professional and comprehensive "pre-audit" of all freight invoices. We can even perform a "post-audit" for all paid invoices up to 180 days old. Your valuable "in house" employees are now freed to concentrate on other important functions they can perform.

You select the level of Pre-Audit services that best meets your needs

Weekly carrier manifest, shows Pro # detail, amount to pay, savings and more. All freight invoices audited for proper NMFC item, rate, accessorials, accuracy. P.O.D.'s and/or Bill of Lading copies attached to each invoice prior to payment.

Reports are customized for your company

Quarterly & Annual "Audit Savings" reports (see your audit at work) Data available via E-mail weekly (universal Microsoft© Excel spreadsheet). Automatic prompt to your staff when routings not followed correctly by vendor.

Choose how to pay your freight carrier invoices

Pay directly from your corporate A/P department. No advance funds required. Pay one check to BHE, disbursements will be made to individual carriers. Funds can be electronically transferred to BHE, then to individual carriers.

Benefit Features